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Winexpert Reserve Pinot Grigio - Italy

Winexpert Reserve Pinot Grigio - Italy

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Pinot Grigio almost needs no introduction; the Italians have taken the Pinot Gris grape and transformed it into a zippy dry wine that has taken the world by storm. 

This wine features notes of green apple and lemon zest, and refreshing acidity.

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. It is also the largest producer of wine, with almost 2 million acres under vineyard cultivation. Italy's varied terrain provides many different climate and soil conditions for grape growing, which means that a large diversity of grape varietals can be grown there.

Pinot Grigio drinks well on its own, but its acidity and neutral character make it a good pairing for garden salads, fried chicken, and seafood. It doesn't clash with much, so if pairing doesn't excite you and you want something dependable to sip on every night, Pinot Grigio is your wine.

Dry | Unoaked | Light-Medium Body | 12.5% abv

This 10L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. We recommend a 6-week schedule.

Reserve is the successor to the former Selection series from Winexpert.

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