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Winexpert Private Reserve Shiraz - Barossa, Australia

Winexpert Private Reserve Shiraz - Barossa, Australia

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Located roughly 70 km northeast of South Australia's capital city of Adelaide, Barossa is one of the country's most prominent and celebrated regions. Its rich winemaking history dates back to the 1840s and it is home to some of the world's oldest Shriaz vines.

Shiraz is Barossa's signature wine; it is one of the famous red wines in the world, with a reputation for being rich and full-bodied with velvety tannin. The varietal thrives in the region's Mediterranean climate whic hsi deal for producing full-bodied red wines. The combination of hot, dry sunny days and cool nights ensure consistent, timely ripening which contributes to the style's hallmark ripe tannins and highly concentrated fruit flavours.

Tasting notes: cooked black fruit flavours of blackberry and plum with layered notes of dark chocolate, coffee, licorice, pepper, and spice.

Great with bold foods. Try with steak fajitas, smoked brisket, Stilton sirloin burgers, or Moroccan spiced lamb. For dessert, look to dark chocolate or berry-based dishes.

Dry | Heavy Oak | Full Body | 14% abv

This 14L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. Contains grape skins for added body and flavour. Includes 30 labels. We recommend an 8-week schedule.

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