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LalBrew London English-Style Ale Yeast

LalBrew London English-Style Ale Yeast

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LalBrew London™ is a true English ale strain selected for reliable fermentation performance and moderate ester production that lets the flavors and aromas of malt and hops shine through.

LalBrew London™ is an excellent choice not only for brewing Extra Special Bitter but for other authentic heritage UK styles like Pale Ale, Bitter and Mild. LalBrew London™ may also be used in the production of ciders.


  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
  • Vigorous fermentation that is often complete in 3 days.
  • Medium attenuation.
  • Low flocculation.
  • Neutral to slightly fruity and estery flavour and aroma, allowing malt aromas and flavours to shine through.
  • Does not utilize maltotriose. Maltotriose is present in wort in an average 10-15% of all malt worts. The result will be fuller body and residual sweetness in beer.
  • Optimal temperature range: 18 to 22°C.
  • Alcohol tolerance up to 12%.
  • Technical Information

  • Recommended dosage rate: 0.5 to 1 gram per litre.
  • Technical Data Sheet (PDF, 1.8 MB) 
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