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ABC Crafted Series Irish Red Ale Pouch

ABC Crafted Series Irish Red Ale Pouch

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Unveil the Heart of Irish Brewing with Our Red Ale Beer Kit Pouch

Brew, Sip, and Savour the Essence of Ireland

Discover the timeless charm of Irish brewing with our Red Ale Beer Kit Pouch. Perfectly formulated for homebrew and craft-making enthusiasts, this kit is your gateway to an authentic Irish Red Ale experience—right from your home.

Elevate your beer-making adventure with our 1.8 kg (3.9 lb) Red Ale Beer Kit Pouch. Designed for those who appreciate the craft of home brewing, this kit delivers an impeccable blend of quality, taste, and tradition. Unveil the complexity and richness of Irish Red Ale in a straightforward, easy-to-follow brewing process. 

Key Features

  •  Authentic Irish Flavour: Dive into a copper-hued ale with a smooth 4.3% ABV that truly captures the essence of Irish Red Ale.
  •  Harmonized Bitterness: Enjoy the perfect blend of mellow hop profile with a bitterness rating of 2/5 and an IBU range of 18-24.
  •  Flavour Symphony: Indulge in an intricate taste profile, combining fruity notes, dark berry accents, and hints of caramel.
  •  Aromatic Balance: The kit includes 20g of Goldings hops that enrich a muted, earthy aroma, completing your beer’s unique bouquet.
  •  Versatile Brewing: Our comprehensive kit includes M36 Liberty Bell Ale yeast, 1 kg of dextrose, and brewing essentials for a complete brewing journey.
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