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Winexpert Reserve Sangiovese Rosé

Winexpert Reserve Sangiovese Rosé

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The perfect rosé for summer! Bright flavours of wild strawberry, raspberry, and cherry accented with subtle mineral and citrus notes and soft juicy peach undertones. Crisp, fresh, and off-dry.

Though still a relatively young region, the State of Washington was destined to be a world-class wine producer. It sits at the 46th parallel north (a sweet spot for growing grapes), where the long days of sunshine couple with cool nights to preserve aromas, freshness, and acidity. Sangiovese is finding a strong home here, particularly as a rosé. The growing conditions foster the grape's fruit-forward flavours and prized acidity, making it a star choice for a perfectly satisfying rosé wine.

Perfect for sipping on its own, or pair with cedar planked salmon, grilled chicken, sausage, or Hawaiian pizza. Bring it on your next picnic or trip to the beach.

Unoaked | Light-Medium Body | Off-Dry | 12% abv

This 10L wine kit makes 23 litres of wine. Includes labels. We recommend a 6-week schedule. For best results, age for 3 months before enjoying.

Reserve is the successor to the former Selection series from Winexpert.

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