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Après Riesling Icewine

Après Riesling Icewine

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Ice wine is a delicacy. The grapes are only harvested after temperatures drop below freezing, allowing for greater concentrations of sugar and flavour in the juice. The result is a strong, sweet, smooth, and full-flavoured wine that is intended for sipping after a big dinner as a digestif.

Prized as a unique sweet wine specialty, our Icewine – based on Riesling grapes – will surprise you with its body and complexity. Served chilled, this golden nectar should be sipped slowly to cherish its special charms.

Medium-full bodied | Unoaked | Sweet | 17% abv

This 8-litre kit makes 30 - 375mL bottles of ice wine. We recommend a 6-week production schedule.

Note: Each kit makes 11.5 litres; if you make two of the same type of  Aprés wine, there is only one $50 + HST fee to make them in-house.

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