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ABC Crafted Series Amber Ale Pouch

ABC Crafted Series Amber Ale Pouch

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Unlock Your Homebrew Dreams with ABC Crafted Series Amber Ale Beer Kit Pouch

Unveil Rich Flavor and Perfect Balance in Your Own Home: Your Ideal Amber Ale Awaits

Craft the perfect Amber Ale right in your kitchen with the ABC Crafted Series Amber Ale Beer Kit Pouch. Designed for homebrew masters and novices alike, this kit promises a seamless journey from pouch to pint. Relish the ease and joy of brewing 6 gallons of balanced, golden Amber Ale, boasting an estimated ABV of 5.1%.

Key Features

  •  Optimal Yield: Get up to 6 gallons (roughly 23 liters) of mouthwatering Amber Ale.
  •  Flavor Depth: Create a brew with an estimated ABV of 5.1%, blending richness with refreshment.
  •  Balanced Complexity: Experience moderate bitterness at 2.5/5 for a well-rounded profile.
  •  Premium Ingredients: The kit comes with 1800g of malt extract and 1000g of brewing sugar.
  •  User-Friendly Guide: Detailed brewing instructions set you up for homebrew success.
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